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The Beginning of All Things to End

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From the opening salvo of ”Pooploser,” starting with a crying baby and the ascending chant ”f**king piece of shit, and you’ll never amount to nothing,” it’s clear that The Beginning of All Things to End, a reissue of MuDvAyNe’s out-of-print 1997 EP, Kill I Oughta, conveys an opinion. The former EP, now 11 tracks long, also includes ”interludes” from their gold-certified debut, L.D. 50, plus a duo of bonus remixes. As such, the new CD is valuable for new fans anxious to own Kill I Oughta songs, and as a whole, it’s also a surprisingly cohesive and powerful outing in the broad nu metal genre. ”Seed” boasts the grind-groove power of Pantera, while the melodic yet seething sounds of ”Cultivate,” with its big, funky bass line and heated vocals from singer Kud, also features the raw honesty that permeates MuDvAyNe’s on-the-edge sound. The Midwestern quartet, with its face paint and trendy look, have a welcome breadth and depth to their music and style and are certainly worth digging into, The Beginning being a good place to start. –Katherine Turman

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  • This was origianly an EP called Kill I Ouughta but was renamed and a few tracks were added. This is not the Mudvayne that many of us know and love but a much rawer and less technical version of Mudvayne with lyrics a little bit eaisier to understand. Track-by-track review:Poop Loser-The intro of the album, starts with a baby then moves onto the chant.Seed-My favorite song on the album, a song primarily about parents getting divorsed.Some Assembly Required-Second favorite track, much heavier than Seed.I.D.I.O.T.-Somewhat like “Internal Primates Forever” from L.D.50, not a bad track.Central Disposal-I actually think this song is live.Coal(live)-Really cool live song. It would have been cool if it had the recorded version too.Fear(live)-Again I wished they had th recorded version too, but that’s okay because this is a really good song.Dig Future Evolution Remix-Alright it’s really hard to replace Ryan and Matt’s instrumental rythm with techno beats.Dig Everything and Nothing Remix-A little better than Future Evolutionbut still not the same.L.D.50-This isn’t really a new song but all the interludes from L.D.50 all combinied into one song. I’m not a fan of the interludes off L.D.50 but this is actually a tolerable track.Buy this album if you are a big fan of Mudvayne not if you are just getting into them but this is a pretty good song.

    Posted on January 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Originally released back in 1997 as “Kill I Oughtta,” Mudvayne’s debut was re-released in 2001 as “The Beginning Of All Things To End” (which cleverly connects with the title of their 2002 album) with a few extras tacked on the end. It’s always fun to hear the earliest music possible from established musicians, and Mudvayne’s debut is no exception. The big surprise is that it actually turns out to be a bit better than their later efforts (not to slight them in anyway). Despite the fact that the line-up is missing Ryan on bass, their signature sound is established pretty early with this effort.

    “Poop Loser” — yeah, you heard me — opens the album up on a somewhat awkward note, but soon after, “Seed” picks this album up and keeps running. The best cuts from here would be “I.D.I.O.T.” and “Cultivate,” which are just as good as anything off of their official debut album, “LD 5.0.” The music on “Kill I Oughtta” is simply streamlined Mudvayne. If you want to hear the band just rock out without too much dramatics or showing off, this is where you want to be. The bonus tracks include not only two remixes of “Dig,” but a track titled “LD 5.0″ which weaves all the interludes from that album into one song. Definitely an interesting listen. The remixes themselves are actually quite impressive. Both are done by Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Fear Factory) and are actually listenable, even to the most discriminating ear.

    So, aside from it’s production values and moderate sound quality, “Kill I Oughtta” is among Mudvayne’s best work. Any serious fan should own this, even if they aren’t a completist. There isn’t much else to say about this release. The music just speaks for itself.

    Posted on January 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album is downright amazing! Raw, heavy and unpredictable! Just listen to Chads scream in “Poop Loser” and you’ll be so pumped up for what’s about to come! The breakdowns are really kick-@ss and musically Ryan, Matt and Greg are already coming into their own! Chad already attains his signature style of singing and screaming, “Cultivate” will show you… This just proves why Mudvayne is just about the most talented band in the world and not forgetting Tool and A Perfect Circle! This record is like Tools Opiate if you Tool fans know what I mean… I think that Tool and MuDvAyNe are the best bands in the world and if you pay close attention to detail you’ll see that there are vast similarities between the two! The remixes are poor though but I don’t pay much attention to them! Still no reason to give it a lesser rating and not to get the album, it’s MuDvAyNe man! Lyrically this is what we come to expect from this phenomenal band! I absolutely love this album! 3 words: A MUST GET!

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  • Mudvayne is my favorite group. Not a day goes by when I don’t listen to my L.D. 50 cd. But I had no idea that Mudvayne had an old album. When I found out, I immediatley bought it. Originally, I did not think it would be that great… But I was surprised to see that this album rocked. Every song is good. BUT… the reason for 4 stars is that the remixes of Dig blow. But all of the original tracks are awesome, and the L.D. 50 track that is all of the interludes put together in one track, is quite cool. But don’t get me wrong. This album is not nearly as good as L.D. 50. I am only saying that it is cool, [inexpensive], and not nearly as bad as everyone says it is. If you are a fan of Mudvayne, then pick it up….

    Posted on January 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Mudvayne released this so thier fans would stop getting ripped off and charged outrageous prices for Kill, I Oughta. They didn’t do it for money. In fact, they tried adding extras on so give the fans more bang for their buck.This album is nothing like the progressive nature of Mudvayne’s recent releases. Most of this is in 4/4, and the quality of the recording is missing the gloss, glitz, and glamour. Yet, some of Mudvayne’s best work is on here. “Seed” is an amazing song. Amazing chorus, basslines to die for, sweet lead, catchy riffs. Slipknot or KoRn don’t have the brains or the talent to write anything close to that song. “Cultivate,” “Some Assembly Required,” and “I.D.I.O.T.” are also great songs. “Fear” has a weird chorus, but great lead guitar solo. The live songs are average at best, and same-sounding, but still good. The techno remixes of “Dig” are cool. They were done by Rhys Fulber, so of course. The first remix is better, in my opinion, because it’s more dance-able. I think other songs should have been remixed, but, oh well… The 17-minute interlude track was unnecessary on L.D. 50, and is not needed here.An excellent debut for a great band out there now. Kud’s voice had a raw charm here that is sorely lacking now, although his melodicism has increased ten-fold with The End Of All Things To Come. This disc is just the Beginning…

    Posted on January 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now