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The Beginning of All Things to End

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  • Mudvayne released this so thier fans would stop getting ripped off and charged outrageous prices for Kill, I Oughta. They didn’t do it for money. In fact, they tried adding extras on so give the fans more bang for their buck.This album is nothing like the progressive nature of Mudvayne’s recent releases. Most of this is in 4/4, and the quality of the recording is missing the gloss, glitz, and glamour. Yet, some of Mudvayne’s best work is on here. “Seed” is an amazing song. Amazing chorus, basslines to die for, sweet lead, catchy riffs. Slipknot or KoRn don’t have the brains or the talent to write anything close to that song. “Cultivate,” “Some Assembly Required,” and “I.D.I.O.T.” are also great songs. “Fear” has a weird chorus, but great lead guitar solo. The live songs are average at best, and same-sounding, but still good. The techno remixes of “Dig” are cool. They were done by Rhys Fulber, so of course. The first remix is better, in my opinion, because it’s more dance-able. I think other songs should have been remixed, but, oh well… The 17-minute interlude track was unnecessary on L.D. 50, and is not needed here.An excellent debut for a great band out there now. Kud’s voice had a raw charm here that is sorely lacking now, although his melodicism has increased ten-fold with The End Of All Things To Come. This disc is just the Beginning…

    Posted on January 13, 2010