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The Beginning of All Things to End

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  • This album is downright amazing! Raw, heavy and unpredictable! Just listen to Chads scream in “Poop Loser” and you’ll be so pumped up for what’s about to come! The breakdowns are really kick-@ss and musically Ryan, Matt and Greg are already coming into their own! Chad already attains his signature style of singing and screaming, “Cultivate” will show you… This just proves why Mudvayne is just about the most talented band in the world and not forgetting Tool and A Perfect Circle! This record is like Tools Opiate if you Tool fans know what I mean… I think that Tool and MuDvAyNe are the best bands in the world and if you pay close attention to detail you’ll see that there are vast similarities between the two! The remixes are poor though but I don’t pay much attention to them! Still no reason to give it a lesser rating and not to get the album, it’s MuDvAyNe man! Lyrically this is what we come to expect from this phenomenal band! I absolutely love this album! 3 words: A MUST GET!

    Posted on January 13, 2010