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The Beginning of All Things to End

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  • This was origianly an EP called Kill I Ouughta but was renamed and a few tracks were added. This is not the Mudvayne that many of us know and love but a much rawer and less technical version of Mudvayne with lyrics a little bit eaisier to understand. Track-by-track review:Poop Loser-The intro of the album, starts with a baby then moves onto the chant.Seed-My favorite song on the album, a song primarily about parents getting divorsed.Some Assembly Required-Second favorite track, much heavier than Seed.I.D.I.O.T.-Somewhat like “Internal Primates Forever” from L.D.50, not a bad track.Central Disposal-I actually think this song is live.Coal(live)-Really cool live song. It would have been cool if it had the recorded version too.Fear(live)-Again I wished they had th recorded version too, but that’s okay because this is a really good song.Dig Future Evolution Remix-Alright it’s really hard to replace Ryan and Matt’s instrumental rythm with techno beats.Dig Everything and Nothing Remix-A little better than Future Evolutionbut still not the same.L.D.50-This isn’t really a new song but all the interludes from L.D.50 all combinied into one song. I’m not a fan of the interludes off L.D.50 but this is actually a tolerable track.Buy this album if you are a big fan of Mudvayne not if you are just getting into them but this is a pretty good song.

    Posted on January 14, 2010