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The Beginning

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  • This album is a collection of classic old school metal from the Danish band Mercyful Fate. Most of the tracks on here capture Mercyful Fates golden period from 1982 up until 1984. I can name 3 reasons why to get this album 1)The Mercyful Fate EP (1982) is on here which happens to be track 1-4. 2) It’s a great collection to own for any metal head. 3) The sound is better then ever, since they remastered this album and 1 bonus track. My favorite tracks off this fine album are “Doomed By The Living Dead” (killer riffs), “Devil Eyes” (it’s sounds so early 80’s and you can tell, but love the drumming), and last the chilling epic in the Mercyful Fate saga “Satan’s Fall” (personally i think this is the best Mercyful Fate song ever put on wax). This album brings back alot of memories for me, before thrash came along there was Mercyful Fate with their chilling lyrics and killer but well structured music for the early 80’s. Get this and blast it loud for the 80’s.

    Posted on February 5, 2010