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The Best of '94 - '99

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  • If this CD was packed with “Zen x 4″ then we’d be set. a DVD & a cd companion of their singles. Better to call it a “singles colelction” rather than “hits” when we all know some of bushs best stuff wasnt released on radio or MTV. Still, this cd is badass & if you want “hits” you HAVE to order this because of course, Zen x 4 is a damn DVD that comes with a lousy additional cd. if i want hits, i want to hear the studio versions, not live (unless its relased as a live track) & i LISTEN more than I WATCH so of course this gets a better rating than zen x 4. just remember than THIS is a CD & Zen is a DVD. they fool you by putting zen in the cd section. go & import this if you have a Bush craving :)

    Posted on December 30, 2009