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The Best Of Atreyu

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  • Great selection to introduce anyone to this band, actually quite generous on their part because you are getting most of their first album, half of the second and third one, so the decent stuff is on here, except my fork in the road… but oh well, everything but the kitchen sink is on this cd + videos?!?!?, so to those “fans’ that can’t get over the fact that Atreyu IS a mainstream band and commercial, boooo hooooo, get over it you dweebs and get a life, these guys are riding it while they can and they gave most of their good stuff and a whole lot of it too!! You can’t say they’re ripping off anyone, on the contrary, they’re practically giving 3 cd’s in one!!! Great bang for your buck plus videos, yeah!!!!And the cover is soooooooo screwy it’s the bomb!!

    Posted on February 18, 2010