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The Best of Both Worlds

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  • I LOVE Van Halen very much. They are in my top five favorite groups of all time. I love this CD.It basically puts David Lee Roth against Sammy Hagar. There are a few glaring problems however:

    1. The idiotic random order. I can put my CD player on “shuffle” if I wish. I don’t have a nice “Chronological Order” button however. Even reverse chronological order from present to past would have been fine. Just make a Roth disc and a Hagar disc, maybe put a Cherone song on one of them or something

    2. The album’s liner notes rudely have no photos of David Lee Roth (unless you count his blurry microscopic pictures on the pictures of the albums on the discography). They say nice things about him and stuff but stil….

    3. Gary Cherone is given no mention as existing as part of the band. None of the songs off of the album he cut with the band (Van Halen 3) are on the compilation. The album is not mentioned in the discography section. He is even made fun of in a subtle manner.

    4. The inclusion of 3 live songs which are Sammy Hagar singing David Lee Roth Songs. They are unnecessary. They don’t sound too bad but its a bit blasphemous to put it on a “Best Of” compilation. Especially since the songs are heard earlier in the album anyway. These could have been omitted in favor of a few better songs.

    Some problems other people have with the album that I disagree with are:

    1. Others will say the 3 brand new songs on the album suck. I don’t believe so. They lack a catchy hook, but otherwise they are really fun to play LOUD!

    2. Everybody complains that the song “Finish What Ya Started” is cut off at the end as sort of a clever play on its title… get a life, seriously.

    Anyway, its an essential for anyone that loves Van Halen.

    Posted on December 30, 2009