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The Best of Foghat

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  • OK we’ll start off with the obligatory gripes.”Slow Ride” is the single edit.”I Just Want to Make Love to You” is the studio version and not the better known version from “Foghat Live.”And a whole bunch of great songs were left off this CD to be placed on a second Volume, which is inexplicably been deleted.Everybody happy? Great. Now on to what really matters. Despite never getting the kind of praise that would have matched their peak popularity, Foghat were a people’s rock band. Chances are pretty strong that, somewhere in America, a radio station is playing either “Fool For The City” or “Slow Ride” and someone is playing air boogie guitar nearby. During their glory run, from the albums “Energized” up to “Stone Blue,” Foghat saddled up Chuck Berry, Al Green and Buddy Holly next to solid originals like the masters that they were.The format was simple. Take a basic riff, turn it up very loud and boogie like anytime was party time. And don’t be afraid to indulge in some hard core blues rock like “Take it or Leave It.” Add to the mix that Lonesome Dave Peverett’s distinct vocals were a cut above most basic rock bands and you had the winning formula for seventies rock and roll. This was such great party rock that I and a group of fellow senior classmates went to see Foghat rock out Hersheypark Arena in 1978 just days before graduation. (With Sweet opening on their “Love Is Like Oxygen” tour, no less…sigh!)This 16 song anthology is a much better buy than the “Essentials” dozen, and if you really want some great rock, you certainly won’t be amiss if you purchase “Fool For The City,” “Foghat Live” or “Night Shift.” But until someone decides that the out of print Volume 2 and this CD should be matched up and the single edits be replaced with their full length counterparts, remastered and given a decent set of liner notes, this will suffice as a not quite five star collection.RIP Lonesome Dave….

    Posted on January 28, 2010