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The Best of Foreigner Live

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  • I’ve been a Foreigner fan since the very first album came on on vinal (I know, I’m dating myself to say that!) These guys always were a top class act. From the beginning they were different. They had 6 guys in the band for the first 3 albums. Then, after a few members went their own ways, they had 4 in the group when they recorded “Foreigner 4.” From then on out, they bsaically stayed with 4 guys and used other people to play on the albums & in the live shows. In fact, if you take a good look at the pcitures inside this disc, sometimes you see 6 guys on stage & sometimes you see 7. Mic Jones did this because he always wanted to keep the sound of the instrumentation intact. During the group’s heydey, 1977-1985, Bud Prager was their manager. Before Foreigner came along, he managed another rock & roll band. After they split up, he swore to himself he’d never manage another act. Well, I for one am glad he never stuck to that. In addition to managing Foreigner, he also produced this disc. It was co-produced, engineered, and mixed by Frank Filipetti. Between Bud & Frank, they certainly knew what they were doing when they put this together. These songs were recorded at various locations, on different tours, & during different years. But if you didn’t read that on the liner notes, you’d swear these songs were all in 1 show in 1 evening! For example, most of the songs were recorded at either arenas or stadiums. But 2 of them were recorded in a small theater here in Chicago & 1 was recorded in a small club in Washington, D.C. Again, the flow of the songs & the evenness of the crowd in between each song makes it flow like 1 whole concert. I’ve read some of the reviews about the double disc, “Jke Box Heroes” that Rhino Released. A number of people complained that the versions of the songs used on that collection were the single version, not the full length lp version. Of the 3 producers of that collection, Mick Jones & Lou Gramm were 2 of them. So they had a say in what was used. Well, good news folks. This live set saves the day! There are 14 song on this collection, but it clocks in at 74+ minutes of music. Why? Many of these songs are longer than both the single versions and the LP versions. For example, the best song on here is “I Want To Know What Love is.” It clocks in at 6:11!!! For those of you out there that do want longer music, this live set is more bang for your buck. Aside from all of that, most of these songs do sound better than the original versions (which are excellent, too). I say that because these live versions are much grittier, raw, and have a bit more kick than the original versions. Get yourself a copy of this, sit back, and enjoy the show. To Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, thanks for memories! Sincerely, Pastor Roger Chicago, USA

    Posted on December 18, 2009