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The Best of Foreigner Live

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  • I can not argue with anything being said and love the album and the band……Foreigner was my favorite band in ‘77 hitting me hard right away with their debut album and my senior year in high school. I still know all the words to the songs on this album and from time to time sing along with the volume blasting. So, let em see if my “missing song” story will get some notice and get a copy dug up from the Foreigner archives somehow for me. The next year, I heard a Philadelphia radio station play Foreigner in concert and the second hit nailed me upside the head and i almost went down for the count. In this concert, Foreigner played Starrider and what an amazing version they did, extended and adding a long flute solo by Ian McDonald that would knock anyones socks off. The following year i had the opportunity to get tickets for the Double Vision tour and saw them in Philadelphia. Ring a bell? the radio broadcast was from Phila. I heard it there – that amazing extended version with Ian’s solo was heard live by me. Over the years i saw Foreigner 3 more times, but never did any of those shows do any Version of Starrider, let alone that awesome version. So….I am still searching…………… will say on my headstone “Died without Ever having Found Peace – Starrider Eluded Him”!!

    Posted on December 18, 2009