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The Best of Fuel

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  • It may seem a little pre-mature for a band with only 3 albums to release a “best of” collection…but my guess is that this CD was released either to fulfill a contract obligation, or because of the fact that Fuel’s lead singer recently left the band (though the group intends to continue on) and this is their way of closing a chapter in their career.
    From 1998-2004, this CD contains just about every song that Fuel released as a single. From their first album, there are popular songs like “Shimmer” and “Sunburn” and the lesser known songs like “Jesus Or A Gun” and “Bittersweet”. Then the group’s second album is well represented with “Hemorrage In My Hands”, “Bad Day”, “Innocent” and “Last Time”. Finally, there are songs from the group’s final album with their original singer, such as “Falls On Me”, “Won’t Back Down” and “Quarter”. This collection contains no new songs or unreleased songs (so it’s strictly for the casual fan). The only song this CD is missing is “Million Miles” from the 3rd album, but that single didn’t become very popular so I guess it can be over-looked.
    As a fan who owns and loves all 3 of Fuel’s albums, I can tell you that if you enjoy this collection all the way through, you should seriously consider picking up each of their albums. The group hasn’t written a bad song once in their career, and some of their best stuff never even became a hit. But if you only need a few of their hits, then this collection has it all!

    Posted on December 25, 2009