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The Best of Fuel

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  • The content on the CD is great but I feel like this CD should have been one more studio album down the road.

    It does contain their best known radio tracks but they only have 8 singles I think and then it seems like they took one non-single from each album. I know they could have thrown some live recordings, b-sides or material off their first few indie releases to make the album fuller but I really just think that they needed to wait until after their next studio album to release this with 2-3 more quality tunes which we all expect & can count on from Fuel.

    Overall, it’s a good CD especially for someone that is just a casual fan and enjoys the radio hits… they are all on here! For anyone that is an actual fan of the band, go buy the new Special Edition versions of their 3 studio albums for something more.

    Posted on December 25, 2009