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The Best of Fuel

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  • Most people are questioning why the label would put out a Best of Fuel in 2005. I discovered this CD two months after its release. But it contains some of their best rock. Even though they had to compete with groups like Creed, 3 Doors Down and Nickelback for chart space, they have managed to carve their own level of success too. Best songs are Hemorrage, the undeniable Shimmer which has such a buildup factor to it, Bittersweet, and already a favorite to me 3 years later, Falls on Me. The faster numbers are just as superb. I liked the one song that was played in Ben Affleck’s movie Daredevil and was on the album soundtrack. It just stood out far more than the other rock songs played in the movie. Carl Bell’s songwriting is quite good. His singing is just great, ranging from smooth to aggressive to soulful all within the same song. How ironic that they’re originally from Tennessee, yet they recorded their first album in Pennsylvania. The band’s songs have such dramatic landscapes, melodies and rhythms. I hope that they continue to make more exciting music for years to come.

    Posted on December 25, 2009