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The Best of Motörhead

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  • There have been innumerable Motorhead collections over the years, but this is one of the few that attempts to mix old with the new. On this collection, all the classics are present, and some newer material is thrown in as well. Unfortunately, there are some throw-away tracks, mainly the Girlscool and Headgirl tracks. (To be honest, these tracks are pretty much worthless.) Some live tracks are meshed in and fit well, and the newer songs help to add some variety to the old-scool stuff.

    I would recommend this collection to listeners looking to get a nice, cheap collection of some of Motorhead’s best just for the sake of getting into the band. But if you’re wanting the prime collection of older material, save up some extra dough and buy “No Remorse” or “Stone Deaf Forever.”

    Posted on December 1, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I suppose if OJ can get away with murder a case could be made that Motorhead need another hits package. However, lacking the wily smarts of Johnnie Cochran, I believe I’ll have to side with the prosecution on this one. When Lemmy stands before the jury and slides on that fingerless biker glove, I think the court will have to concur that it does indeed fit. But in all fairness, we’d better hear from the defendants as well. In this case that would be Metal-Is, a subsidiary of Sanctuary Records. The label regrets the lack of a solid anthology that includes their latter day work in addition to such classics as “Ace of Spades” and “Overkill.” To mend that crack in the heavy metal canon they’ve released this two disc set, replete with not only the above-mentioned standards but also such modern charmers as “Snake Bite Love” and “Sacrifice.” In addition, four unreleased live recordings have been unearthed for our collective awe. Dollar for dollar, Metal-Is aim to give the best ‘Head. Alas, “Best Of” falls into that common anthology trap of trying to cover every single release, even when the material doesn’t stack up as the band’s best. A less adventurous song selection could scarcely be imagined: three of the last four albums are represented solely by their title tracks. What’s more, in a frightening act of editorial negligence, the inclusion of not one but three of the band’s collaborations with Girlschool made it past the drawing board and onto the finished product. Disgraceful. Aside from the bargain bin assortment of tracks, there is little else to salvage this rusty heap of “remastered” tunes (“Overkill” seems to bleed a venomous tape hiss), and the live bonuses are mere exercises in superfluity. Granted, Motorhead are a renowned concert draw, but every dirt bag metal merchant under the sun has released at least one live album, which makes the inclusion of yet another concert recording of “Bite the Bullet,” for example, a rather dull enterprise. So whereas the defendants acted with intentions that are admittedly sympathetic, the end result is more or less just plain pathetic. Sure, the fancy slipcase and extensive liner notes add luster to an essentially glamour-less product, but it’s like putting a two-dollar whore in a ten-dollar dress. Counsel advises you keep the dress and find yourself a new girl. Case closed.

    Posted on December 1, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This compilation is the first Motorhead CD I’ve bought, although I’ve always enjoyed their songs when I heard them (which wasn’t often). I think the reason Motorhead aren’t more popular is because their music, although very distinctive, doesn’t fit neatly into the standard rock categories. It’s much like a cross between heavy metal and punk, but it’s too fast for metal and too heavy for punk. To me, they’re like a much heavier version of AC/DC; in other words, a great rock band through and through. There are lots of great songs here, and quite a few classics (“Ace of Spades”, “Eat the Rich”, and “Orgasmatron” among them). The lyrics are often funny and sometimes surprisingly poetic. The playing is fast, intense, and tight, and Lemmy’s screeching vocals are a perfect complement to the intensity of the songs. The only criticism I have is that the quality of some of the recordings (particularly the earlier ones) occasionally leaves something to be desired. If you’re just getting into Motorhead, you couldn’t do better than this compilation.

    Posted on December 1, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m assuming that if you’re checking out this “Best Of” compilation you are fairly new to the band. This album pretty much just puts their most popular tracks on 2 discs. Unless you’re a tight-wad I would put down another 20 or so dollars and get the 5 disc “best of” box set “Stone Deaf Forever”. It’s well worth it. But if you’re just looking for a fairly cheap way to get all the motorhits then buy the damn thing! Lemmy & crew never dissapoint.

    As for the pu**y-boy below who claims that f***ing Korn and all of that other stale FM rock that no one really cares about is better than Motorhead… Get off the crack man! Powerman 5000 and Disturbed are solid metal acts?? The reason Motorhead has been around as long as they have been is because they blow those weaklings off stage… brethern.

    Posted on December 1, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Dave Leon what are you smokin!!! Guys like you don’t even know who the greats are. This is an excellent CD. It’s missing few songs that belong here. They do this so you buythe whole catalog. It’s a great first CD For New Lemmy listeners. Lemmy Kilmister is the greatest living Rock n Roll living legend today. Dave Grohl has it right trust him. The best thing about the Motortrain is that it keeps on rolling every year with massive tour dates. Saw them in Chi-town in March on the Inferno tour “Wow”. Plus they put out great new material every other year. If Lemmy,Phil and Mickey had it there way they would do a new CD every six months and it would be great. Dave Leon don’t put Tool on the same planet as Motorhead. Dave do you don’t know who John Sykes, Gary Moore or Glenn Hughes are? Probably not. Long Live Motorheead.

    Posted on December 1, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now