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The Best of Motörhead

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  • I’m assuming that if you’re checking out this “Best Of” compilation you are fairly new to the band. This album pretty much just puts their most popular tracks on 2 discs. Unless you’re a tight-wad I would put down another 20 or so dollars and get the 5 disc “best of” box set “Stone Deaf Forever”. It’s well worth it. But if you’re just looking for a fairly cheap way to get all the motorhits then buy the damn thing! Lemmy & crew never dissapoint.

    As for the pu**y-boy below who claims that f***ing Korn and all of that other stale FM rock that no one really cares about is better than Motorhead… Get off the crack man! Powerman 5000 and Disturbed are solid metal acts?? The reason Motorhead has been around as long as they have been is because they blow those weaklings off stage… brethern.

    Posted on December 1, 2009