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The Best of Motörhead

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  • This compilation is the first Motorhead CD I’ve bought, although I’ve always enjoyed their songs when I heard them (which wasn’t often). I think the reason Motorhead aren’t more popular is because their music, although very distinctive, doesn’t fit neatly into the standard rock categories. It’s much like a cross between heavy metal and punk, but it’s too fast for metal and too heavy for punk. To me, they’re like a much heavier version of AC/DC; in other words, a great rock band through and through. There are lots of great songs here, and quite a few classics (“Ace of Spades”, “Eat the Rich”, and “Orgasmatron” among them). The lyrics are often funny and sometimes surprisingly poetic. The playing is fast, intense, and tight, and Lemmy’s screeching vocals are a perfect complement to the intensity of the songs. The only criticism I have is that the quality of some of the recordings (particularly the earlier ones) occasionally leaves something to be desired. If you’re just getting into Motorhead, you couldn’t do better than this compilation.

    Posted on December 1, 2009