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The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits

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  • With a Rick Rubin produced new album expected in 2007, the band s first in four years, Metallica churns the waters with its first-ever musicvideo retrospective. Featuring 21 videos and bonus features, spanning the album years 1989 to 2004, from And Justice For All to St. Anger, the collection showcases hard rock s greatest band. Ranked eighth on the list of the biggest selling groups in history, a


No Description Available.Genre: Popular MusicMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: PARelease Date: 23-SEP-2003

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  • I’ll give my review first, then take a moment about Dime(yea, this space is for a review of the music but who cares)….my reasoning for 5 stars..First, (and I know I’m biased, but if you’re a Pantera fan, you’ll understand)..every song on here is’s Pantera..I’m hard pressed to find a bad Pantera song, but the ones on here are definitely good..people like to whine that they want more..well, chances are if you’re a Pantera fan, you probably already have every CD they put out, so why do you care? And if you’re looking to get someone into Pantera, this is certainly a decent way to start it(of course I, and I’m sure most of you would also recomend some other tunes not on here for them to listen two)..Also, you get a freaking DVD..all the videos..yea, you can catch all of them on the Watch It Go DVD, BUT you get ALL of the videos WITH the CD…for what….14 bucks? When I got mine at Best Buy last year, it was $11.99….a total steal!…anyway, that’s my take..and as for what happened with Dime goes…Well, I was lucky enough to catch Pantera on the Live 101 Proof tour back in ‘98..and was fortunate to obtain a pass for after the show…all the guys were nice, especially Dime and Vinnie..Dime was larger than life, but didn’t have the attitude to go with it…Down to Earth guy that was more than happy to give up autographs, beers, and to talk music..when you talked to him, he didnt treat you as a fan..he was a fan himself… you knew you were talking to a fan of the music man..OUR music(that’s for all of you..we metal people are a tight knit group)..I’ll remember Dime for his music, being influenced by him, and how I actually got to see what he was like as a thoughts go out to his fans, friends, and family ..and to especially Vinnie Paul…RIP Darrell will not be forgetten..your music will be around forever, whether from you, or the sounds in other bands you’ve influenced

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    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Before I actually review this cd, I wanna set a few things straight. Alot of these reviews have said a few puzzling things…. Since when did the cd not have “F****** Hostile” or “Immortally Insane” included? A few of your other whinges were found on this cd as well. really stuffed up with the tracklist, so if you didn’t buy the cd original and downloaded it using the tracklist on Amazon, or just looked at the tracks and reviewed them, I suggest you go to a shop and look at them. I don’t know if my cd is any different (I bought it in Australia), but some of the tracks Amazon wrote there aren’t there and some they didn’t are. I do agree with the guy that said there wasnt enough from Great Southern Trendkill, though. Here, this is what I got on my cd (I’ll review the songs while I’m at it):1. Cowboys From Hell – This song has classic written all over it, a fantastic song and one of my favs.2. Domination – This song is fantastic, great guitar work, amazing solos from Dimebag!.3. Cemetary Gates – Quite possibly Pantera’s best song (even if it isn’t, it’s still my favourite track from Pantera). This morbid and epic ballad still has its heavy moments and has some of Phil’s more intelligent lyrics.4. Mouth For War – Very brutal chainsaw guitars used here. Phil really does sound good here.5. Walk – This is an absolute essential Pantera track. One of their more popular songs, it’s brutal and carries the less than subtle “F*** you” message. Excellent song.6. This Love – Not one of my favourite Pantera songs for the simple fact that it has a slow start. Ends up being VERY heavy.7. F****** Hostile – YES IT IS ON HERE AND SOUNDING BETTER THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!! This awesome and brutal song is, of course, one of Pantera’s best. Vinnie does a great job on the drums on this track.8. Becoming – Awesome drums, awesome riffs and, overall, one of Pantera’s more brutal tracks. I can’t stress it enough that the drums and guitars on this track are outstanding.9. I’m Broken – Phil gives a good performance here, despite the overdubbing, using some truly brutal screams. Nice riffs.10. 5 Minutes Alone – The whole band sounds good here, especially Rex and Dimebag. Very heavy and, if you read the booklet, there’s a laughable story behind this song.11. Planet Caravan – Phil does his best to sound like Ozzy here and does a good job. Nice quite track. Though not a particularly good track, the boys did a good job replicating it and I enjoy this track.12. Drag the Waters – Brutal, heavy, punishing and packed in with some stellar riffs, this is one of the true Pantera classics.13. Where You Come From – Rex is good here, again, awesome riffs and a good vocal performance.14. Revolution is My Name – Probably my second favourite Pantera song. Heavy (as usual!), catchy (especially the drumming) and the bonus DVD has a hilarious video of this song.15. Imortally Insane – Slow, but builds up to be one of Pantera’s more powerful tracks.16. The Badge – Awesome cover song, absolutely called for on a best-of album!The booklet made me really remember Pantera’s career. Phil is a hardcore vocalist with his own style. Vinnie is an excellent drummer, you’ve gotta love the complicated beats and fills he provides, time, after time, after time. Rex is one of the few bassists you can actually hear, so I can’t compare him to anyone and I don’t play bass, so I’m not sure how complicated or skilled he is, but at least you can hear him and he manages to sound GOOD! The last member, and most talented in the band is Dimebag Darrell. In all seriousness, he is quite possibly the best guitarist ever, equalled only by the awesome Zakk Wylde. Darrell’s solos are amazing! Just take note when you watch the DVD at how complicated his solos and riffs are. Darrell really gave Pantera that sound they’re famous for.The DVD that comes with this cd has some awesome videos, 2 of them live and, may I mention, that seeing a young kid with a beard and long hair (Phil as a kid!) is a hilarious site, as well as the other band members as kids (’specially Darrell). Oh, yeah, this is in the Revolution is My Name video. Pantera is really, one of the best live acts ever.Pantera’s long career has seen many of it’s influences go a long way. Even Death Metal hasn’t managed to be tainted by the great Pantera. I mean, the clicky-clacky drums of Vinnie’s are awesome and that same clicky style can be seen in the awesome hardcore Death Metal acts, like Nile and Dying Fetus’s new drummer. What would DM be without the loud and powerful, chugging, chainsaw guitars. Nile really has taken these to the max, though. To finish my huge review, Pantera has has an awesome career. Keep on rockin’ guys! THREE CHEERS TO THE COWBOYS FROM HEEEEEEEEEELLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I personally am a moderate fan of Pantera’s music, they make some good stuff but I do certiantly have my big share of metal bands I’ll take over them any day of the week. They do however, make some incredible music and this can not be denied…when you talk about the best metal tracks of all time you better damn well include “Cemetary Gates”. However, I was never terribly impressed with any Pantera albums as whole. When I saw the track listing for this CD though, I was convinced to buy it right away. Yes, I know that it is missing a great deal of songs but I feel for a single disk of music, they did an incredible job of fitting the best stuff Pantera has ever done on here. The booklet talking about the span of Pantera’s career is a nice read as well and even quickly touches on Pantera’s glam days (blahahaha). Anyways, on top of this it comes with a bonus DVD which has 10 Pantera music videos along with 2 live song videos. deffinatly an awesome thing to have in my eyes. When it comes to the music however, I can see the complaints from the diehard fans of Pantera. To me though, I’d say this is a worthwhile buy for even diehard fans because of the DVD. If the DVD isn’t that a big a deal to you though and you already own all of Pantera’s CD’s, this album is deffinatly a waste of time. So, I’d say think about it before you buy it. If you don’t own all of Pantera’s stuff and want the DVD, I’d say its something you should deffinatley get.

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  • Like many Pantera fans are saying on here, this compilation is missing some essential Pantera songs (especially “F*cking Hostile”) in favor of some surprise appearances (i.e. “I’ll Cast a Shadow”) and rarities (“Cat Scratch Fever”, “Hole in the Sky” and a live version of “Where You Come From”.)
    In addition, some songs are on here that probably shouldn’t be. Take “Planet Caravan”, for instance. Though it’s a single, it wasn’t written by Pantera (it’s a Black Sabbath cover) and it doesn’t sound like what Pantera normally sound like (it isn’t a good representation of the band.)
    Also, “The Great Southern Trendkill” (a very overlooked album) is only represented by one song on here. “TGST” was as good of an album as “Reinventing the Steel”, thus it deserves more than one song (maybe “Floods” and/or the Grammy nominated acoustic ballad “Suicide Note Pt. 1″.)
    But, most of the Pantera classics are here (“Cowboys From Hell”, “Mouth For War”, “Walk”, “Revolution is My Name”.) Plus, most of the songs that ARE here are pure gold, and, “Planet Caravan” aside, no Pantera greatest hits collection would be complete without any of these songs.

    “Cowboys from Hell” is an instant classic that defined Pantera.
    “Cemetery Gates” is sort of a morbid power ballad, but it does have it’s heavy points. Plus, near the end, Phil yells in a falsetto voice.
    “Mouth for War”, “Vulgar”’s lead single, begins with a great opening guitar riff and drum work, which speed up as the song progresses, before falling into a groove.
    “Walk” has a famous and mighty catch staccato riff which runs throughout the whole song, and pauses (only briefly) for a speaker shredding guitar solo.
    “This love” has melodic verses, which lead in nicely to the still brutal choruses.
    “I’m Broken” has chunky, meaty, catchy riffs and a good guitar solo.
    “Becoming” opens with machine gun riffs and drums, “boom ba boom” sound. Towards the end, Vinnie Paul drives the beat with fast double-bass work. ”
    “5 Minutes Alone” boasts bobbing, grinding riffs, and Phil’s howl will stick in your head for hours.
    “Planet Caravan” is as aforementioned, a Black Sabbath Cover. Probably the most melodic song Pantera ever recorded, with a spacey atmosphere and vocals and soft percussion. It is distinguishable from but also remains true to the original.
    “Drag the Waters” layers “chug chug” riffs on top of each other, and the drum’s have a cowbell, which is a clever inclusion.
    “I’ll cast a shadow” a shadow begins as a brutal and pounding song that smacks you around, but after the midpoint, it goes downhill.
    “Goddamn electric” has a bobbing beat with pounding drums and another good guitar solo.
    “Revolution is My Name” is probably the catchiest song from “Reinventing the Steel”, and is a hit single. It has crunchy guitars, catchy drum beats, and two winding guitar solos. Phil howls throughout most of this song, but near the end he says one spoken word: “Revolution”.

    The DVD is a nice touch. It could have included a brief history of the band (like the C.D. booklet does), but for those of you who like Pantera’s music videos (and are tired of waiting for MTV to play a Pantera music video) won’t be disappointed with this DVD.
    So, this compilation has it’s ups and downs, but it’s–overall– a good selection and representation of Pantera. You might want to get this just for the aforementioned rarities, because Pantera only has five C.D.’s, and five isn’t that many. So, my advice to you is why not get all of them? If you insist on not getting all five, just get “Vulgar Display of Power” and “Far Beyond Driven”. These albums are almost greatest hits albums in themselves.

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