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The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits

The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits thumbnail

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  • Before I actually review this cd, I wanna set a few things straight. Alot of these reviews have said a few puzzling things…. Since when did the cd not have “F****** Hostile” or “Immortally Insane” included? A few of your other whinges were found on this cd as well. really stuffed up with the tracklist, so if you didn’t buy the cd original and downloaded it using the tracklist on Amazon, or just looked at the tracks and reviewed them, I suggest you go to a shop and look at them. I don’t know if my cd is any different (I bought it in Australia), but some of the tracks Amazon wrote there aren’t there and some they didn’t are. I do agree with the guy that said there wasnt enough from Great Southern Trendkill, though. Here, this is what I got on my cd (I’ll review the songs while I’m at it):1. Cowboys From Hell – This song has classic written all over it, a fantastic song and one of my favs.2. Domination – This song is fantastic, great guitar work, amazing solos from Dimebag!.3. Cemetary Gates – Quite possibly Pantera’s best song (even if it isn’t, it’s still my favourite track from Pantera). This morbid and epic ballad still has its heavy moments and has some of Phil’s more intelligent lyrics.4. Mouth For War – Very brutal chainsaw guitars used here. Phil really does sound good here.5. Walk – This is an absolute essential Pantera track. One of their more popular songs, it’s brutal and carries the less than subtle “F*** you” message. Excellent song.6. This Love – Not one of my favourite Pantera songs for the simple fact that it has a slow start. Ends up being VERY heavy.7. F****** Hostile – YES IT IS ON HERE AND SOUNDING BETTER THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!! This awesome and brutal song is, of course, one of Pantera’s best. Vinnie does a great job on the drums on this track.8. Becoming – Awesome drums, awesome riffs and, overall, one of Pantera’s more brutal tracks. I can’t stress it enough that the drums and guitars on this track are outstanding.9. I’m Broken – Phil gives a good performance here, despite the overdubbing, using some truly brutal screams. Nice riffs.10. 5 Minutes Alone – The whole band sounds good here, especially Rex and Dimebag. Very heavy and, if you read the booklet, there’s a laughable story behind this song.11. Planet Caravan – Phil does his best to sound like Ozzy here and does a good job. Nice quite track. Though not a particularly good track, the boys did a good job replicating it and I enjoy this track.12. Drag the Waters – Brutal, heavy, punishing and packed in with some stellar riffs, this is one of the true Pantera classics.13. Where You Come From – Rex is good here, again, awesome riffs and a good vocal performance.14. Revolution is My Name – Probably my second favourite Pantera song. Heavy (as usual!), catchy (especially the drumming) and the bonus DVD has a hilarious video of this song.15. Imortally Insane – Slow, but builds up to be one of Pantera’s more powerful tracks.16. The Badge – Awesome cover song, absolutely called for on a best-of album!The booklet made me really remember Pantera’s career. Phil is a hardcore vocalist with his own style. Vinnie is an excellent drummer, you’ve gotta love the complicated beats and fills he provides, time, after time, after time. Rex is one of the few bassists you can actually hear, so I can’t compare him to anyone and I don’t play bass, so I’m not sure how complicated or skilled he is, but at least you can hear him and he manages to sound GOOD! The last member, and most talented in the band is Dimebag Darrell. In all seriousness, he is quite possibly the best guitarist ever, equalled only by the awesome Zakk Wylde. Darrell’s solos are amazing! Just take note when you watch the DVD at how complicated his solos and riffs are. Darrell really gave Pantera that sound they’re famous for.The DVD that comes with this cd has some awesome videos, 2 of them live and, may I mention, that seeing a young kid with a beard and long hair (Phil as a kid!) is a hilarious site, as well as the other band members as kids (’specially Darrell). Oh, yeah, this is in the Revolution is My Name video. Pantera is really, one of the best live acts ever.Pantera’s long career has seen many of it’s influences go a long way. Even Death Metal hasn’t managed to be tainted by the great Pantera. I mean, the clicky-clacky drums of Vinnie’s are awesome and that same clicky style can be seen in the awesome hardcore Death Metal acts, like Nile and Dying Fetus’s new drummer. What would DM be without the loud and powerful, chugging, chainsaw guitars. Nile really has taken these to the max, though. To finish my huge review, Pantera has has an awesome career. Keep on rockin’ guys! THREE CHEERS TO THE COWBOYS FROM HEEEEEEEEEELLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on December 14, 2009