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The Best of Rockers 'n' Ballads

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  • This album is missing a couple good songs, like Send Me An Angel, And Loving Sunday Morning. But a good CD nonetheless…Here’s my 2 Cents:Rock You Like A Hurricane – A Scorps Classic!!! It’ll make you wanna’ stand up and shout!!! Very electrifying. 5/5I Can’t Explain – Simular to Blackout. Sounds like somthing you’d hear from Judas Priest. 4.75/5Still Loving You – A slow ballad. Very sullen. MAkes you want to break down and cry. *sniff* 5/5Big City Nights – It’s like Rock You Like A Hurricane pt. 2. They both have that great neon Jaming feeling. 5/5Lovedrive – Not a weak song… Just sounds like somthing you’d hear from Loverboy *Blaughh* 3.75/5Holiday – My friend DJ’s favorite Scorps song EVER. I love the intro and overall statistics of the song. 5/5Blackout – An up-and-go-go feeling song! Good chorus. 5/5Rhythem Of Love – A sweet love ballad. The Scorps make love ballads so NOT sickeningly sweet. There all just so damn powerful!!! 5/5No One Like You – MY FAVORITE SCORPIONS SONG EVER!!! The chords are very Jamin’. 6/5You Give Me All I Need – Awsome… Need I say more? 5/5Hey You – My least favorite on the CD. Still good though. 3.5/5The Zoo – Great pick for an outro, one of the Scorps best! 5/5In Conclusion… Get it if you are into Old School, like Judas Priest, Ozzy, Dio, and all that. If your into nu-metal, This may be too old for your tastes. Personally I love it!!!

    Posted on February 11, 2010