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The Best of Sepultura

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  • From quick look at the tracklist – one cd of songs isn’t really enough to show what Sepultura is really about.
    Yes, the cd is full of Sepultura’s commercially aired *hits*, but the real Sepultura isn’t just limited to those.
    It misses some other important Sepultura trademark classics like Mass Hypnosis, Necromancer, Inquisition Symphony, To The Wall, Slaves Of Pain, Escape To The Void, Beneath The Remains, Lobotomy, Primitive Future, Altered State, Warrios Of Death, From The Past Comes The Storms, Kaiowas ect. A double cd wouldn’t have been that bad by Roadrunner Records Company ™.

    Instead of buying this I recommend that you’d buy the actual albums by Sepultura.

    Posted on February 16, 2010