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The Best of Sepultura

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  • Roadrunner decided to once again cash in on the fans of the classic lineup of Sepultura. Instead of releasing a second B-Sides disc; they give us a sorry excuse for a “best of” without the lure of any unreleased tracks or anything. There is absolutely no reason to buy this pathetic “Best Of” at all. Even if you are new to the band, just go buy their albums. All of the ones with Max are good and you will be hooked. (Yes, even Roots. That’s right, I said it!) There are only 12 songs (not enough to fill up the whole CD, resulting in 49 minutes) and the selection could have been better. What we have are amazing songs, but the choices come to no surprise as they mostly singles from the albums and are in chronological order. It appears to be rushed and the songs look to be picked by the label instead of by a fan. This is a poor way to represent the band and the albums. There is not a single song from Morbid Visions or Bestial Devastation and there is only their second version of Troops of Doom from Schizophrenia. The Max Cavalera years of Sepultura are the best years, granted, but there are actually a few songs from the Derrick Green albums that could have made it, or more songs from the Max era instead! They certainly had the room for it! It pisses me off how much money Roadrunner Records tries to milk from the music of Sepultura by releasing the same stuff over and over and over again and again. I can’t bring myself to give this disaster one star because the music is still good. However, avoid at all costs and just listen to their albums instead.

    Posted on February 17, 2010