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  • Okay, so the choice is between picking up this collection or the individual albums. No contest. While Eat ‘Em is a classic (arguably some of the best music in Dave’s career), his career (and singing) afterwards became more and more misguided and off-course. While – for the most part – the essential songs are here, some are missing. And, considering what was chosen instead in some cases, well… Herein are the problems: From Crazy from the Heat: “Coconut Grove” – featuring some of Dave’s most affecting singing – is the only song missing from that EP here. Instead, “Easy Street”. Blah. Eat ‘Em: It would’ve been fun to have “I’m Easy” or “That’s Life”. I guess he figured he covered that territory with “Just a Gigolo”. Rats. Skyscraper: I’ll never figure out why he chose not to include “Damn Good”. Especially in favor of the embarrassment “Hot Dog and a Shake”. Damn it, Dave, how much grass did you smoke the week you made that decision? The rest is okay aside from “It’s Showtime!” (see above). “Sensible Shoes” is outstanding. Where’s the cover of “Night Train” from “Filthy”? My other lament is the lack of liner notes…coulda been better, but I guess it’s the best we’re gonna get.

    Posted on March 2, 2010