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  • As a long time Van Halen fan, I found myself ignoring David Lee Roth after the “Eat ‘em and Smile” album. Recently, I happened on a copy of “A Little Ain’t Enough” and found it a lot closer to the the Van Halen of yore than the VH III debacle. I found myself catching up on all of the releases since “eat ‘em” and realizing that the man has continued to make some great straight forward rock through out the years. I had made myself a burn of what I considered to be some of the best of David Lee just prior to the release of this disk and was more aligned with the song selection than I typically am with “Best Of’s”. Like always, there are great songs that are left out and some that should have been, but if you’re looking for a good career overview this might be a good place to start!! Or if you’ve ignored David since VH like I have, this collection might make you realize what you’ve been missing.

    Posted on March 2, 2010