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  • This 1997 Rhino compilation contains 3 tracks from the 1985 E.P. Crazy from the Heat, 6 tracks from 1986’s Eat ‘em and Smile, 4 tracks from 1988’s Skyscraper, 3 tracks from 1991’s vastly underrated A Little Ain’t Enough, 3 tracks from 1994’s highly eclectic Your Filthy Little Mouth in addition to a new 1997 studio track recorded specifically for this compilation.

    All of the singles are here and their respective chart listings are detailed in the liner notes in addition to lyrics being provided as well (in addition to some great vintage photos).

    While a lot of other reviewers on here lament that one song was put in favor of another track instead of another off of a particular release, keep in mind that only so much can be crammed onto a 80 minutes CD (this CD clocks in at close to 78 minutes in length).

    The new studio track entitled “Don’t P*ss Me Off” is actually really fun & bluesy.

    Since this only covers 3 full length releases & one 4 song E.P., there’s also a good amount of album cuts as well that weren’t released as singles.

    The 3 tracks off of 1994’s commercial disaster Your Filthy Little Mouth are the more rock sounding singles as that album covered the entire musical map in terms of genres.

    Another added plus to this collection is that all of the tracks are remastered. Of course, the ones that benefit the most from this are the songs from 1985, 1986 and 1988 as they benefit from the added clarity & thump that these new remasters offer.

    Anyone just wanting a great overview of Dave’s 1985 to 1997 solo career (he has come out with 2 more solo albums since then in addition to an awful bluegrass Van Halen tribute album(!)) would do wise to pick this up.

    It is truly a great collection of music.

    Posted on March 2, 2010