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The Better Life

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  • Of course, following my alternative rock instinct I downloaded (and later bought) this cd. Expecting mediocre, this cd really got my attention. From the punky-edge of “Krytonite” to the more mellow toned down “Down Poison” and if great hits such as “Kryptonite” and “Loser” aren’t enough in themselfs to convince you to buy “The Better Life” maybe this review will.1. Kryptonite: Even though I’m not too fond of the radio version (with a slowed down chorus most notably) the cd version has the same upbeat guitars as the rest of the cd but a great punk vibe added to the mix. 2. Loser: An all around great song, my favorite on the cd. Brad Arnold really shows off his vocal capability’s in this song. 3. Duck And Run: A very angry song, has a tad of heavyness to it. This song will still be one of the most played on the cd by me. I even stole a little quote out of it for my IRC quit message. 4. Not Enough: I love the perfect colabiration between the guitars and vocals on this. The guitars don’t follow the tone of the vocals but the speed hits it perfectly, you don’t always see bands pull that off this great. 5. Be Like That: A slow, yet satisfying song. An average song, but definatly a nice addition to the cd. So the whole cd isn’t perfect, but no cd to this date is. 6. Life Of My Own: An emotional rollercoaster of a song, I think if i tried to quote this song for IRC the whole song would end up in it. Lyirically the best on the cd by a longshot. 7. Better Life: Jam it baby, yeah! I love this guitar riff. very groovy, baby! (I’m in an Austin Powers mood). 8. Down Poison: I’m voting for this one to be the next single. Just an outright great song. 9. By My Side: Another mediocre song. I like it, but it just doesn’t compare to the rest of the cd. I guess I just now have high expectations from 3 Doors Down. 10. Smack: Probably the worst song on the cd, less than satisfactory work especially from this band. 11. So I Need You: More or less a good song. It seems to be a good ending song. Single worthy? Probably not, but hey it’s still good.With that being said, I would recommend this cd to anyone. A great cd, and I can’t wait for 3 Doors Down’s next one!

    Posted on February 14, 2010