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The Better Life

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  • I wondered aimlessly down the aisles of cds searching for that right cd to spend the rest of my gift certificate on. I had narrowed down my choice to Britney Spears. Although I wasn’t really big on the whole pop scene, that darn “Lucky” song was trapped in my head. Well I decided to go over the aisles once more just to make sure…then I saw the 3 Doors Down Cd. “Ok,” I thought, “aren’t they the ones that sing Kryptonite?” I liked that song and although I hate buying cd’s for just one song I dropped the Britney Cd and grabbed the 3DD cd and checked out.Of course the first few days I did nothing but listen to “Kryptonite” but when I finally decided to listen to all of the cd, a thing which I rarely do, I was surprised. I couldn’t believe someone wrote these songs about how I sometimes felt. Aside from “Kryptonite” there’s “Loser” “Be Like That” (which I totally love!) and “Duck and Run”. I was taken aback by the lyrics and rhythms that I vowed to see them in concert. And on Tuesday OCt. 17 I did just that. If you love the Cd wait till you see these guys in concert! They totally rocked! That was the best concert ever! But back to the Cd…if you’ve ever had emotions of sadness, wonder and dispair you are not alone…but they do not sing the typical “oh poor me, the world sucks” kinda songs…”Duck and Run” offers hope and inspiration with lyric such as “this world can turn me down but I won’t turn away,and I won’t duck and run because I’m not built that way.” The cd is of all emotions and offers hope and is truly lyrically, musically, and inspirationally, the BEST Cd I have ever heard and they are also the BEST band I have ever heard. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that they’re from down south either. 3 Doors Down ROCKS!!!

    Posted on February 14, 2010