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The Better Life

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  • I’m a really big hard rock and heavy metal fan, and I really like this album. It’s definitely more mellow than most of the music that I listen to but it still rocks. Their music is kinda like Alice In Chains, Creed, Days of the New (the first album, not the second), and Matchbox 20. After hearing Loser on the radio a week ago I knew I had to get the album, that song is incredible. Loser, Kryptonite, Duck and Run, and Better Life are all great songs, but I found that those are the only songs on the album that stand out. The other songs just seem kinda bland. But I think the CD is worth it even for just those 4 songs. I’m writing this as a hard rock/metal fan, if you like more mellow rock you’ll probably like the other songs.

    Posted on February 14, 2010