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The Better Life

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  • I’ve tried to buy into the hype about this band, but after repeated listening, I can only come away from the session with a sincere feeling of frustation about the sake of Rock and Roll today.Where is the dedication to an innovative idea? How about some element of mastery of your instrument? What happen to creativity? Re-hashed, un-envolved, un-inspired and bland music are all that I can find located on this CD. How long have these guys been playing? Months? Weeks? DAYS? It’s a sad time in the history of Rock and Rock if this is decided to be the best of the new. What’s next? Kid Rock elected to the RnR Hall of Fame? Kill me now, please!I can already see the future commercial for K-TEL’s latest compilation disc. “Hey man is that Crappy High School Rock? Well turn it OFF dude!”FH

    Posted on March 16, 2010