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The Black Halo

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  • Elvis Presley had five singles in the top 20 of 1956. What does Elvis in 1956 have to do with Kamelot? I’ll tell you. I remember hearing those five songs on the radio when they were released. I have listened to music nearly every day of the half century that has passed since then. In other words, I have heard a whole bunch of singers come and go. Khan, the lead vocalist of Kamelot, is the best I’ve heard.

    All 11 tracks (I’m ignoring the three short interludes) provide excellent listening enjoyment. The first track may be the best – with some fine growling by the devil, impressive power drumming and the best pinch harmonics going – and rates as a close second to my favorite song, Metropolis Part I by Dream Theater. On the third track, a song which is connected to their previous album Epica and begins with the words of the title, Khan has some help from Simone Simons of the group Epica, their voices combining beautifully.

    No fluff resides in the lyrics of this album. The songs concern life, death, love, the possibility of a hereafter and even the Crucifixion. The subjects are treated seriously with pure poetry. Some examples are: “Rules without exception last eternally/Every move you make creates your destiny” (track 2); “And we strive for the flame as if death was our aim” (Soul Society); “Once my ignorance was bliss/Nightfall came/Like a serpent’s kiss” (Abandoned). These guys can write!

    Add this all together and the result has to be in my top five as listed on my profile. As stated there, I don’t know how to decide which of the five is my absolute favorite, but if forced to make a selection, I think this might be the one. (Please see my profile for a brief discussion of my rating philosophy.)

    Posted on November 29, 2009