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The Blackening (W/Dvd) (Spec)

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  • Although this is a double dip it is one of an album that will go down in history as one of the best in metal. The cd has all the songs from the original release and as every Machine Head fan knows they are awesome. Although this time it comes with 2 extra tracks on it. Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden and Battery by Metallica from the Metal Hammer tributes and they are great additions to this already perfect cd. They cover the songs perfectly while giving them a little Machine Head flavor. Great first disc.

    But the main reason to get this is the bonus DVD. They don’t give you a half hearted effort as most bands do when they re release an album. This DVD is stacked with great performances. All pro shot and incredible sound quality. Although they are all great the 2 that stand out are 2 that not many have seen. First is them playing Clenching The Fists Of Dissent, Now I Lay Thee Down, and Halo From their headlining performance at the Full Force Festival. The quality and intensity of the band are here in full force :) . They are perfect and this is the best sounding of the performances. Next are 4 songs from the Burn My Eyes 10th anniversary show which is incredible as well. They play A thousand lie, The Rage To Overcome, Death Church, and Blood for Blood perfectly and only make you hope the whole show will be released in the future. This is by far the holy grail of the DVD but there is so much more. They show them playing Imperium and Old from last years Donnington Download Festival which was amazing. Most publications considered them the best performance over the 3 day event and one even included it as the 7th best performance in the history of metal and that’s no lie. The last of the live footage is them at the Rock in Rio Festival. They play Aesthetics of Hate and Davidian to perfection in front of and enormous crowd. I’m in awe of how incredible the live footage is here. This alone would make it worth it but there’s more. A great little documentary on the making of The Blackening which is great as it shows them arranging the songs and explaining the concept behind the killer artwork of the album and the inspiration behind the songs. Another nice bonus. They finish off with 3 videos from the album which are Aesthetics of Hate(which I was at the Norva the night they filmed the live part of it), Now I Lay Thee Down, and Halo and teh making of each of the videos. An awesome bonus to the already classic cd. Metal fans, Machine Head fans. This is a no brainer. While I’m not big on re releasing albums Machine head, who have always been a fans band make this re issue more than worth it. The only thing I can hope for is in the future to release a stacked DVD with the complete sets from these festivals and the BME show. Go now, support this incredible band. You won’t be disappointed as the cd is perfect and the DVD is over the top incredible. It’s worth every penny. So I highly recommend any metal fan pick this up. You most definitely won’t regret it. An awesome, inspiring, release!

    Posted on December 25, 2009