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The Bleeding

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  • The Bleeding isn’t even the roughest album they’ve done, and still people can’t handle it. I’m not angered, but amused at all the bitchy reviews of Cannibal Corpse I’ve seen. Someone will claim to like death metal, then complain that they can’t understand Chris Barnes’ singing. Huh? Aren’t unintelligible vocals a must for modern death metal? Hell, that’s been the case since Bathory in ‘84. It’s the sound of the singing that matters. And the complaints about the lyrics… people are too used to weak death metal lyrics just talking about piles of bodies and the like. Anything worse than that and they get offended. And of course we get the people saying straight out that the guys don’t have any talent. Yeah, right. I’d like to see any one of those idiots try to beat on a guitar of drums even one thousandth that fast, or play that tightly with the others, something other death metal bands like Obituary can’t even pull off. Cannibal Corpse has been banned from playing in Australia and Korea completely, among other countless cities around the world. They push the limits of not just decency, but sanity. They’re a pissed off version Metallica on acid and speed. And they have thoroughly freaked out Pat Robertson and Bob Dole, which puts them even higher on my list. It’s a hellishly graphic depiction of death and gore, with a great sense of humor to keep to the whole thing running.

    Posted on February 8, 2010