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The Bleeding

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  • The first thing you need to understand is that Cannibal Corpse is a novelty. Every lyric about rape and torture and mutilation is only there to push the boundaries of morality and convention. If you want an album that takes gore to an almost ridiculous extreme then look no further because The Bleeding is perfect. You and your buddies will laugh over the lyrics for hours just like mine are doing right now. Even though the lyrics are ludicrous and the vocals are indistinguishable, the musicianship on this album is surprising. Cannibal Corpse uses a lot of hemiola (rhythm tricks that make you wonder where the beat is) and surprisingly unusual guitar riffs. So far I am unimpressed by the guitar soloing though. The solos are at best energetic and strenuous, but there isn’t a lot of depth to them. On the other hand, the BASS does a few very short, head turning solos. For a metal bass player Alex Webster is extraordinarily audible and always an important part of the sound. Pop this one in the stereo, crank it to one zillion, and bang your head until your face resembles the cover art, or read the lyrics and laugh until you cry. The fact that you’re even looking at Cannibal Corpse CDs shows that you’re the kind of person who would enjoy this, so buy it right this minute.

    Posted on February 8, 2010