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The Blessed Hellride

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  • I started listening to Zakk about 2 years ago, and I can’t put his stuff down. Hes really gone through an evolution of sorts with Pride and Glory, Book of Shadows, etc. Black Label has become the ultimate answer to what people really wanna hear from musicians, not stuff thats designed to sell records.The Blessed Hellride carries on the tradition, but in a whole new way. It is by far Zakk’s most diverse album as far as styles go. He opens it up with Stoned and Drunk, a classic-style hardcore rock anthem, and by the end puts you out with the slow and creepy Dead Meadow (piano included).Standout tracks include: Doomsday Jesus, a revisit to 1919 days, as well as Suffering Overdue, which displays Zakk’s low-tune tradition. Blackened Waters is a slower, ballad-type song with a killer solo, while the title track is the only acoustic song (still extremely awesome).In closing, if you want a CD that has ripping, intricate guitar work, get this CD. If you want deep, well-written songs, get it. If you like Skulls, Rotweillers, and Chains, Get out there and buy it.BASICALLY, BUY IT!!!!! SDMF FOR LIFE

    Posted on February 9, 2010