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The Blessed Hellride

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  • What an outstanding CD.. no seriously.. what a completely outstanding incredible CD.. what a great.. band? artist?


    Ok so.. let’s look at the good points of this CD.. an appearance from Ozzy Osbourne (who can sing so much better than what you’d expect watching The Osbournes) for starters.. then we’ve got a guitar player who writes riffs that are heavy as hell, yet still soothing.. great sense of melody while maintaing the agression. Yngwie Malmsteen.. eat your heart out.

    So seriously.. what do we get when we get a singer who sounds like a mix between Ozzy Osbourne and the guy from Type O Negative.. a guest appearance from the Ozzman himself.. and a guitar player who writes the coolest riffs I’ve ever heard and always seems to include cool noises within them.. while performing malmsteen-like solos?

    One hell of a CD.. and a new favourite band.

    Posted on February 10, 2010