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The Brotherhood

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The Brotherhood is another metal masterwork from this German band. If you are already a fan, you will not be disappointed. The heart and soul of the band, guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, Rolf Kasparek is musically as solid as ever. Familiar song themes for the band remain, pirates, religion, war and battle. Gun label. 2002.

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  • hello fellow metallians, i take it if you are reading this you must be a true metal head or you would not be on this page. we all know and love running wild. i would rank them as one of the all time long standing most influential metal bands of all time. rolf should have his name right up there with the top visionaries of traditional and power metal. i mean alongside names like king diamond, udo dirkschneider, kai hansen, and so on. with not one bad album in his amazingly long career rolf is a metal mastermind. sure we all remember the classics like death or glory and blackhand inn, those albums were amazing. but ive found out along the way that alot of people judge this band harshly because all their albums do not sound like black hand inn. we the fans are taken by the cool as hell pirate themes and larger than life power riffs but people they have not sold out. sure there are some differences but all things aside they are still the running wild i have loved and followed for years. now if you want to talk about sell outs talk about metallica, i mean after classics like ride the lightning and puppets they throw this new weird as hell st anger at us, now that is a sell out. any way back to the basics. fans just listen to the amazing songs this cd has to offer. rock’n rolf now is taking over all the guitar work, untill now i did not realize just what an amazing guitarist he was. listen to tracks 2′3′and 4. these are hard hitting riffs that are catchy as hell and mellodic with a pirate or civil sort of feel and exactly what running wild should be. running wild have allways been blessed with the talent of being able to release album after album of catchy mellodic awesome 5 star records. victory saw a change in the band with new drummer sossa. the drums were hard to describe but kept a neat rythm that galloped along the cool riffs nicely, the 2nd song on victory is one of their best songs of all time. now i like the death or glory days better but that was then folks and this is now. this album(the brotherhood) really shows just how talentad a songwriter and just how much of an acclompished guitarist that rock’n rolf truly is. i would like to see a return to the early 90’s roots but i will surely settle for what running wild is currently pursuing. metallians if you like me live for power metal, and if power chords and sing along choruses and mystical epic song structures along with imaginative story telling nearly gives you an orgasm then check out this album and support one of the most talented brothers in our metal world today, rock’n rolf, i salute you. your friend in metal, brandon whitson of north carolina

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Being relatively new to running wild owning only the black hand inn, and death or glory to great cd’s. I can’t compare the brotherhood to much of their other recent stuff. Although in comparison to the aforementioned two releases this is definitley differente some song’s having more of a rock sound to them. Songs like detonator and crossfire which i think are great songs. Crossfire having a great chorus and guitar work. Pirates song a great little number it doesn’t waste any time with a catchy chorus and guitar. Unation and the brotherhood are the song’s that come closer to sound of the past and the great song’s as well unation definitley being another highlight of the album. The other song’s like welcome to hell,soulstrippers,and dr. horror are good solid songs. The brotherhood is not without its fault’s and although im in the minority with this opinion i find the ghost to be one of the weaker numbers not being as a good or involving as their lengtheir numbers from the two cd’s mentioned above. It is just not good enough to be over ten minutes long. And sometimes their more straightforward rock sound can start to sound a little stale. Bottom line if you are a fan who has stuck with running wild for awhile then the brotherhood is a little differente but should still be a enjoyable listen.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album was a surprise to me, cuz I wasn’t expecting such a rocker after the disappointing “Victory”. Well I was wrong! Highlights are Siberian Winter (in your face kickass metal), Dr. Horror, and The Ghost (up there with the best of the epics Running Wild ever wrote).

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  • Running Wild’s latest recording, “The Brotherhood” is another metal masterwork from this band from Germany. The classic Running Wild sound is back, and most welcome at a time when few bands are producing traditional Euro-style metal music. If you are already a fan, you will not be disappointed. The heart and soul of the band, guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, Rolf Kasparek is musically as solid as ever. Familiar song themes for the band remain, pirates, religion, war and battle.Although their music has evolved over the years, it has not softened or lost its impact. This can’t be said of very many metal bands from the 80’s, if indeed they are still around. These songs are as powerful and energetic as any they have ever done. Musically, the band does not really break any new ground. The music features many familiar groves and rhythms used on earlier recordings, but you never feel that the band is “recycling”. As a long-time fan, I found the music to be exactly as expected, new but very “familiar”, with the tempo of the songs a bit slower than their most recent recordings. The signature guitar sound is raw, and clean, and the drumming very crisp indeed. Highlights include “Soulstrippers” which rocks to an AC/DC like groove. “Dr.Horror” features some chunky riffing to a pounding rhythm. “Crossfire” has churning guitars, and plenty of harmonic squeals. “Detonator” features staggered riffing and nice down and dirty solo. My favorite track is “Ghost”, a song with the desert as a theme. It has such great imagery that you can almost feel the desert wind blowing and the sand below your feet. If possible get the version of with the bonus tracks. Both “Powerride” and “Faceless” are strong uptempo numbers that should not be missed. Running Wild is a great band, producing some of the heaviest metal music, for nearly two decades. Times are tough for the genre, and hopefully this under appreciated band will continue for many years to come. Long live the true metal.

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  • This is another thunderstrike from R.W frontmanKasparek ; the man refuses to slow down or surrenderto trends – and damn it is he ever good !!There is a huge discussion on the R.W-forumsabout the identity the drummer on thisand the previous album ( Victory ). Regardless ;the drumsound is once again so well-engineered thatit’s almost spooky = Fast,precise and well-harmonizedwith , most notably , the bass-guitar. Rolf’s lead is , once again , awesome- bringing over a great blend of catchiness,heavyweight and speed. The sound is somewhat rawerand a little more oldfashioned compared tof.i. the “Victory”-album , but still – this is doubtlesspowermetal the way it should be played.Instead of a usual R.W-intro the playlist starts with” Welcome to hell ” – a great midtempo piecewith impressive vocals. Other highlights includethe titletrack , Sibirian Winter ( which , read this slowly ,IS GUARANTEED TO SWEEP YOUR FREAKIN FEETS AWAY !!!!. This 6 minute instrumental kicks the daylight out of anythingin the genre. Awesome !!!! ),Pirate Song ( which is a great follow-up to the fastsingalong-structures on the 94′-album ” Black Han Inn ” ),and the mighty epos ” The Ghost “.If You liked BHI,Victory and those masterpieces ; You willdefinitely enjoy Brotherhood ! A true and honest masterpiece -and a effectful blow against the growing number ofdilettants within this genre of music.Unfortunately I could not get the Digipak-version withthe additional 2 songs ; if You can – get it. Enjoy this marvellous german metal foundry !

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now