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The Brotherhood

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  • Running Wild’s latest recording, “The Brotherhood” is another metal masterwork from this band from Germany. The classic Running Wild sound is back, and most welcome at a time when few bands are producing traditional Euro-style metal music. If you are already a fan, you will not be disappointed. The heart and soul of the band, guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, Rolf Kasparek is musically as solid as ever. Familiar song themes for the band remain, pirates, religion, war and battle.Although their music has evolved over the years, it has not softened or lost its impact. This can’t be said of very many metal bands from the 80’s, if indeed they are still around. These songs are as powerful and energetic as any they have ever done. Musically, the band does not really break any new ground. The music features many familiar groves and rhythms used on earlier recordings, but you never feel that the band is “recycling”. As a long-time fan, I found the music to be exactly as expected, new but very “familiar”, with the tempo of the songs a bit slower than their most recent recordings. The signature guitar sound is raw, and clean, and the drumming very crisp indeed. Highlights include “Soulstrippers” which rocks to an AC/DC like groove. “Dr.Horror” features some chunky riffing to a pounding rhythm. “Crossfire” has churning guitars, and plenty of harmonic squeals. “Detonator” features staggered riffing and nice down and dirty solo. My favorite track is “Ghost”, a song with the desert as a theme. It has such great imagery that you can almost feel the desert wind blowing and the sand below your feet. If possible get the version of with the bonus tracks. Both “Powerride” and “Faceless” are strong uptempo numbers that should not be missed. Running Wild is a great band, producing some of the heaviest metal music, for nearly two decades. Times are tough for the genre, and hopefully this under appreciated band will continue for many years to come. Long live the true metal.

    Posted on November 23, 2009