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The Brown Album

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  • So, you’re sittin here readin reviews that say, “OH MY GOD, WHAT IS WITH THE DRUMS???? WHY ARE THESE SONGS SO ‘SIMPLE’??? WHY DON’T THEY MIRROR THEIR FIRST THREE ALBUMS??? Well, children, here’s the deal the The Brown Album.
    For one, if every album sounded like Frizzle Fry or Seas of Cheese we would all be bored out of our skulls. Brown album goes back to fundamentals and perfects the art of riffing like a mad-man. It almost reminds me of the countless array of Jimmy Page licks from the days of Zep… though, of course, its Claypool on a bass. Claypool and LaLonde are FANTASTIC on this album, really keeping themselves together and tight, which is not ’simple’ by any means (speaking as a musician of 12+ years)
    Secondly… the drums… are perfect. People have to understand that the album was created with everyone sounding dirty. The drums sound flat because that was the sound Primus WANTED!! The entire album was recorded in a single large room, with little to no overdubbing. This gives it a crisp, raw sound that helps with the overall tone of the album – down and dirty rock. Besides, speaking as a drummer, Brain is amazing. Him and Alexander have two completely different styles – Tim always goes for much more complicated rythms using a lot more finesse, while Brain likes accenting the upbeat, as opposed to the down beat, and hits a helluv-a-lot harder then Tim.
    And finally… here’s the deal, people. The band is exploring new grounds, and with exploration in music comes new sounds, and ANYTHING Claypool puts out will have a purpose and a distinct flare, you can be rest assured about that.
    Oh, and one last thing… only talk about things you understand. Some of the other reviewers clearly have no idea how to play any instrument, so can you really take what they have to say seriously?


    Posted on February 17, 2010