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The Caitiff Choir

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  • Well maybe not total ownage, but this band is one of the most talented out there, if you don’t admit that, you have no brain.
    Nick Brooks writes some of the most intelligent lyrics out there, and his vocals are some of the best as well, and the guitars have Gothenburg written all over it, but this is a very catchy yet, heavy enough album for emo kids and metalheads to enjoy, here are my song ratings:

    1. My Promise- 4/5 (Great album, but doesn’t give you the taste of what the whole album really sounds like)
    2. Severed Ties Yeild Severed Heads- 5/5 (Great song, is the prime example of what the album is, great guitar, the awesome metalcore screams, and the very good singing verses)
    3. The Radiance- 5/5 (Not what I was expecting, a predominently singing song, but with a voice like his, he should put it to use more often)
    4. The Depraivity Waltz- 4/5
    5. A Threnody for Modern Romance- 5/5 (First song I heard from this band, but I was aware of this band for a while, great song even today)
    6. Marigold- 4/5
    7. Freak Gasoline Fight Accident- 4/5
    8. The Caitiff Choir : Revelations- 4/5 (Very heavy song for It Dies Today, probably the heaviest on here)
    9. Our Disintergration- 4/5
    10. Naenia- 5/5 (One of my favorites, great vocals, probably the most well written lyrics on this album)
    11. The Caitiff Choir Defeatism- 5/5 (Great finale, this song has the perfect buildup for the lone guitar, which never really gets boring, and of course Nick’s awesome vocals)

    Posted on February 21, 2010