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The Chair in the Doorway

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  • How did this happen? Where did THIS come from, and do we deserve it?

    No…we don’t.

    I love this band, and you do too. This collection of songs has been put together over the years in many studios in many countries with songs co-written by many people over a period of time when nobody was thinking of them. Sneak attack. I feel like a 10 year-old on the playground that just got suckerpunched by a girl who liked me-shocked, and pleased…

    The songs…you have the riffs, the beats, the soul…there is a STRONG emphasis on SONGS here…Vernon keeps his much-loved SKRONK to a minimum…and to SUPERIOR effect. Corey sounds truly AWESOME, while Doug and Will lay the foundation down SOLID.

    Long story short-for me, this is a record I continue to return to time and again…4 plays in one day by a guy with thousands of cds (yeah, I still buy those plastic things…call me a luddite).

    Living Colour in 2009…who knew??? The production is warm and fuzzy, and the vibe is anything BUT funny…(sorry). The sound of great musicians getting together when the feeling is right…and getting it right.

    Woulda been 5 stars…but come on…”Time’s Up” only happens once a career, if at ALL.

    Thanks again Will, Corey, Doug and Vernon…you still got it, BIG TIME.

    P.S.-The BONUS TRACK? It’s about me.

    Posted on March 2, 2010