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The Chair in the Doorway

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  • Six years after the good but poorly produced Collideoscope, Living Colour is back with an exceptional release. The Chair in the Doorway is by far the best album I’ve heard this year. It is also the band’s best release since Time’s Up. In a way, it could their most cohesive work, as every song seems to speak to the others. Every song is a killer but the albums works even better as whole: it is more than the sum of its parts. The sound is heavy as usual (Decadance and Out of my Mind are particularly agressive), but there is room for melody and groove. One of Living Colour’s main virtues is their ability to combine musicianship and experimentation with a strong pop sensibility. That balance is very present in this album, especially in songs like Burned Bridges, That’s what you taught me and first single Behind the Sun, which features one of Vernon Reid’s most mesmerizing riffs (a tapped arpeggio that will drive guitar players nuts). The arrangements are complex and intrincate, it takes several listens to get all the details. The exception is Bless Those, a delicious mix of blues, rock and funk that features simply the band playing live in the studio (with Vernon playing some mean slide guitar). The band is incredibly inspired in this album, especially Corey Glover, who gives us a handful of mesmerizing performances. This is the album all Living Colour fans have been waiting. I highly recommend it to every music fan on the planet. What’s your favorite colour? LIVING COLOUR!!

    Posted on March 2, 2010