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The Chair in the Doorway

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  • Living Colour is one of the most unappreciated great bands. From their debut, Vivid, through Time’s Up (in my opinion their masterpiece), and Stain, they were a versatile, extraordinary fusion of funk, hard-rock, and a whole lot in between. I was very pleased when they reunited some years back and came out with Collideoscope – and The Chair in the Doorway is an even better album.

    Though firmly entrenched in hard rock, some of the eclecticism of their earlier albums has returned. I particularly like songs like “Young Man” and “Bless Those,” which marry great beats with Reid’s still-amazing guitar work. Corey Glover’s at his best when he can let loose on a great melody, and there’s no shortage of those here as well.

    20+ years after Vivid, Living Colour’s still going strong.

    Posted on March 3, 2010