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The Collection (4 cd)

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  • I became a fan of April Wine just about instantly, being a teenager in 1972 the first time I heard “You Could Have been a Lady” courtesy WKBW in Buffalo which reached half the States and Canada. I had to find out what this band was all about, and at long last, in 2001 I finally got to see them play live, long after they’d broken up once and reunited…they played songs from every part of their tenure as one of Montreal’s finest bands and didn’t disappoint anyone at all (some folks came from Boston to see them in Burlington VT)…I never thought of Myles goodwyn and company as “poor musicians”, not even remotely. Songs like Sign of the Gypsy Queen, Babes in Arms, Forever for Now, Drop Your Guns, Oowatanite, Victim For Your Love (and I could go on and on) to me don’t sound like poor musicians but a bunch of guys who are just as good at the heavy stuff and the ballads. If the reviwer calling them poor musicians is trying to compare them to Rush or someone like that…I’ll take April Wine hands down. None of the seemingly constant tempo changes and a voice I can listen to for a lot longer than Geddy Lee’s. Don’t get me wrong, it takes talent to do what Rush does on a technical basis…but for pure rock & roll enjoyment, April Wine has a lot more great tunes than a lot of people realize. I for one am very glad they decided to get back together, and not just one or two original members with four other guys you’ve never heard of. They’ve stayed true to the band and the sound. The recent material is just fine too…this collection covers all of the first Wine era through the mid-80s. Fine Wine indeed!

    Posted on December 10, 2009