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The Collection (4 cd)

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  • First let me say you can get this same Box Set for $50 on on other sites,I have the original release on Aquaries Records and it has a good mix of songs through out the Wines career.

    Bad musicians,somebody is just not a AW fan so it’s easy to say that I guess.These guys wrote some great songs over there career and are still out there playing,and playing well.I seen them earlier this year and they put on a great show.It was short because of the venue being stupid with some kind of silliness that I was told about.

    I seen them open for Rush in 79 and seen them about 6 more times since then and everytime the put on a great show.

    I would say this set is probably for the avid AW fan though,unless you want to really get to hear what some of there early tunes were like and hear some unreleased Live classic tunes.

    Posted on December 11, 2009