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The Colossus of Destiny

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  • Of all the Melvins albums I have (about 15) this is, by far, my absolute least favorite!!! If you’re looking for a Melvins discthat actually contains music, don’t bother with this one. IT’s mostly a bunch of f^%$#ng noise that will result in nothing short of a pounding migrain. When I bought this album I was expecting to hear some typical Melvins sludge rock, instread I got an album that was about as interesting as watching bread become toast. I guess if you like noise and the smell of sun-baked rotting dog vomit, this album is for you…otherwise, do yourself a favor and buy a great album like H.A.T., Stoner Witch, or Houdini as this album can’t possibly qualify as ‘music’. Yeah, the Melvins have a sense of humor, in this case they thought it’d be funny to make real fans waste their money on this glorified coffee cup coaster. Seriously, I _almost_ threw this out on the interstate while driving. I can’t even use it as toilet paper…you can however, break the CD and use the shards to slice a gaping wound in your wrists…that’s ALL this album is good for, gauranteed!

    Posted on December 28, 2009