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The Colossus of Destiny

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  • It seems to me that most people on here hate this album and write it off as a bunch of noise; which it is, but it is good noise. I listen to this album quite frequently at work as it provides a nice background to the whiny servers I have to deal with. I am a fan of Fantomas and Lustmord so that might be why I like this. I also really like Prick as well but not as much as this. It takes big balls for any band to play this live and then release it to their unsuspecting fans. I can see how many fans would feel cheated upon their purchase of this masterpiece; I would have too had I not been farily warned by a friend. I wasn’t totally convinced after one listen but the more I listened to it the more it grew on me and it gets more airplay than say the Joe Preston solo ep or The Crybaby which are both great in their own right. Plus, after recently re-watching Forbidden Planet, I can’t help but think this album is the Melvins’ version of that movie’s soundtrack.

    Posted on December 28, 2009