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The Colossus of Destiny

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  • Seriously?

    When I saw Melvins in Detroit with Tomahawk in 2003, they KILLED. After a couple of inadvertent headbutts in the pit and losing the shirt I bought at the show, I decided I had to get every Melvins album!

    So after reading a few of the reviews of this album I ordered it from Amazon. I love all the pre-major label Melvins albums, especially Lysol, and they’ve been one of the few bands to stay interesting and relevant throughout 20+ years.

    This album is neither interesting or relevant. Noise for 80% of the duration before a guitar is picked up or a drum heard! I love noise records, but this one’s just boring.

    It’s not all crap though. From the about 35 minute mark on things get mildly interesting, and then we have a nice version of Eye Flys to close the “set”. I can take a joke, but somehow I can’t help but feel that I’m the punchline.

    One star because they’re Melvins, and one star for Eye Flys. Melvins have so many albums and almost all of them are gold! Make this the last one you get.

    Posted on December 29, 2009