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The Colour and the Shape

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  • This album is awesome. The first time I heard it, the headphones just about exploded with all the energy that was coming out of them. When you hear Doll, you’ll probably think “What have the Foo Fighters become? What happened to I’ll Stick Around and This Is A Call?” but nothing has happened. It’s just a slow song appropriately placed in the mix of hard songs. Then comes the big radio hit Monkey Wrench. It’s a nice song with a neat “no-breath” effect in the last verse. It’s even cooler live, but I guess you can’t buy that on CD. Hey, Johnny Park!, the next song, is my personal favorite. It’s just something about the riff itself that’s catchy. It follows the soft-verse loud-chorus format set by Nirvana. My Poor Brain starts out with a bunch of random noise (I think it’s in 7/4) and then goes into a nice acoustic verse with Dave singing falsetto. The chorus is appropriately loud and powerful. The next song, Wind Up, starts out at about mezzo-forte (that’s moderately loud for all those who aren’t musicians) and goes to fortissimo (very loud) for the chorus. The last verse is fortissississississimo (really really loud) with the chorus returning to the aforementioned dynamic. Man, that guy has an amazing vocal range. Up In Arms starts slow and ballad-y. It sounds a lot like a fifty’s ballad. Then it gets fast sort of like a fifty’s pop song. Then My Hero comes on with those cannon drums. It’s obviously Dave’s tribute to Kurt song. The mostly-acoustic See You is a nice jazzy departure to the screaming electric guitars. Enough Space (in 6/4) is basically the I-drank-too-much-Jolt-and-now-I’m-really-hyper-and-I’m-going-to-scream-until-I-turn-blue song. February Stars is the big long loud slow ballad and it’s wonderful. Everlong (yer another radio hit) is probably the most serious sounding song they’ve done and it still gives me shivers. Walking After You is a great balling song >:), enough said. And they top it all off with the powerful New Way Home. I’m not saying any more, buy this CD!

    Posted on January 10, 2010