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The Colour and the Shape

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  • After one listen to this record, few would doubt the songwriting ability of Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl. Sublte opener “Doll”, quickly gives way the the pure adrenaline soaked punk stomp that is “monkeywrench”. Another change of tempo brings in the bristling “Hey, Johnny Park” which has a tender verse wrapped around a Godzilla sized riff. “My poor Brain”, and “wind up” hark back to the more raw sounds of their self titled debut album. This album is an emotionaly rollercoster right to the end, and one of the most varied and engaging rock albums available. The highlight of this monumental collection of songs is the haunting “Everlong” which combines a low-key melody with an epic chorus and intelligent, emotional lyrics, which make it a truly beautiful love song. It’s not often an album this special comes along, and no self respecting fan of the genre should be without it.

    Posted on January 10, 2010