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The Complete Studio Recordings

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  • The following is my opinion. Listen, compare, and decide for yourself. Led Zeppelin is my most favorite group. I would give this set 5 stars except for a major shortcoming. Jimmy Page let his ego get in the way when digitally remastering these studio albums. Remastering also means track remixing. Mr. Page has put his guitar work front and center throughout the CDs. Of course, his guitar is legendary, but the other members of Led Zeppelin were not his personal backup band. The Led Zeppelin sound was a well mixed blend of instruments and vocals. Now his remixed guitar tracks often upstage Robert Plant’s voice tracks in the remixes, especially in passages where he is simply strumming or plucking backup notes. It’s a bit like a stew with too much salt, where just enough would have been fine.

    A followup on the Glue Issue:
    After owning the studio set for a month, I must agree with a previous customer that the construction of the box set housing, though artisticly creative, is poorly engineered. If the box case is left with it’s door side facing up, gravity eventually forces the CDs to slip into the glued bindings of their sleeves. The result is glue on the edges of your CDs. Luckily, the original albums were signifigantly shorter in duration than the CD’s capacity. Since CD tracking starts from the center and goes out, there is usually a buffer at the outer edge of the CD. Still you don’t want glue on your CDs. I would recommend inverting the whole case with the lid closed and face down. Then gently tap the case so all the CDs inside fall away from their glued sleeve bindings. Finally, store the case with the lid facing out like a garrage door and the internal CDs laying horizontal. Better yet, invest a few bucks in a set of slim plastic cases and just store the 10 CDs in new clean cases. I removed a small bit of glue using 70% isopropyl alchohol and a soft tissue, such a toilet paper. I applied the alcohol sparingly to the tissue and very gently pushed the glue radially toward the edge of the CD, until it dissolved onto the tissue.
    I emphasize “gently” and “sparingly” and of course, you do this at your own risk. You may call all this being nit-picky, but hey it is a $110+ music investment.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Owning this collection is a much better idea than owning the other 2 box set collection for one simple reason: every Zeppelin album had a certain atmosphere and mood which is totally lost if you just string together random Zeppelin hits. How can you compare the acoustic sound and feel of Zeppelin III with a raucous and wild album like Presence? The band strived for unity and cohesion in their albums and sometimes refused to release any singles until much later than the album’s release. To break up their hits into a best of collection seems like a crime.That’s why this collection is so great — all the original art work is preserved along with liner notes, an extra booklet is included with a complete retrospective/overview, the CD’s are all remastered from the originals (and boy does that make a difference) and you have all 10 studio albums plus some bonus tracks like Hey Hey which were only released as B sides. There’s really no way you could go wrong with this set unless you own all 10 albums. I owned maybe 4 of them, but I’m still glad I have the whole set now. It’s very high quality too with nice cases, artwork, and extras. A first class release all the way and a must for Zeppelin collectors.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Led Zeppelin’s complete studio recordings gathered together in one great box set, with all original artwork, plus a book about the band. Could you possibly ask for more? Ok, so for Zeppelin fans that have all or most of the albums already this set is pretty much worthless. But, for someone with only two albums or someone who has lost all or most of their Zeppelin albums (me) this set is a godsend. It’s almost worthless to review, because the content is well known and speaks for itself.So then why should you buy this instead of individual albums? If you have just begun to get into the band, have liked a couple albums and want more, this set will save you money, because let’s face it, you will end up with all or nearly all of these CD’s anyway. The set costs significantly less than buying the albums seperately. With this set you get an interesting booklet about the band, as well as all the albums packaged nicely in a great looking, relatively small box.The one minor, VERY minor downside to this set is that it doesn’t include Zeppelins live album, The Song Remains the Same. Some people may expect this even though the title of the box is Complete STUDIO Recordings, since it was released back around the time of Physical Graffiti. It’s a small incovenience that honestly I feel stupid complaining about.In short, anyone thinking of buying this should. It will be a great investment that you will not ever regret.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • At college, a bunch of my CDs were stolen, including every Led Zeppelin CD I owned. My insurance replaced them within a week. I didn’t own every Zeppelin album on CD, and I owned two of the pre-remastered editions. When I replaced them, I got this set to compensated for my stolen Zep. I could not be more pleased with the results of this box set. There are three great things about it that will be discussed here.THE MUSIC: Every true rock fan knows the greatness of Led Zeppelin. Every song and album is a gem, and is essential to any music collection. Everyone has heard songs such as “Whole Lotta Love,” “Stairway to Heaven,” “The Song Remains the Same,” and “Kashmir,” to name a few. There are also many not so well known great tracks here, including “Achilles Last Stand,” “In My Time of Dying,” “All My Love,” “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp,” and “Black Mountain Side,” to name a few. Plus, with the album Coda, you get bonus tracks unavailable anywhere else unless you buy the other two box sets, including the non-LP B-side “Hey Hey What Can I Do,” the outtake “Baby Come On Home,” and the excellent songs recorded for the BBC “Travelling Riverside Blues” and “White Summer/Black Mountain Side.” Once you buy one Zeppelin album, you will want to buy more, and more, and more (just ask anyone), so you may as well get it all and more now instead of buying all the albums separately and wishing you had just bought all of them this way and also gotten the great bonus tracks. Plus, though not in the short run but definitely in the long run, it is cheaper to buy all the albums this way than to buy them separately, and this way, you get more for less.THE SOUND: Having heard two of the albums before Jimmy Page himself took control and remastered them, I know from personal experience that the new sound shows a difference between night and day. Before, they sounded like a lot of old, unremastered CDs do, dull, not enough volume, and need improvement. Here every single track from start to finish sounds so fresh, almost as if it were recorded quite recently. It shows that Jimmy Page really cares about the fans, as there are many under 21 who are discovering or will discover Led Zeppelin, and fans from the time upgrading their music collection to CD, and the sound should be as sharp and “current sounding” as possible. And here, Jimmy Page not only satisfied himself, but also satisfied CD buyers everywhere with the incredible sounds coming off of these 10 discs.THE PACKAGING: The way this box set is packaged is excellent. What exactly is on the cover of the box, I do not know, but it is cool. The lid of the box set fold up and can be pushed in so you can access the CDs right from your shelf without having to take the box off the shelf and disassemble it, which is quite convenient. Inside there are five hardcover books, each housing 2 CDs. In order for the packaging to work, the Presence album is coupled with Houses of the Holy in order to give the double Physical Graffiti its own book. But that doesn’t matter, you can listen to the CDs in any order you want. Each of the books contain graphics of the original vinyl packaging, such as the six different covers (front and back) from In Through the Out Door, the turning wheel from III, all the inner sleeves, everything is here. There is also a very entertaining booklet, filled with a biography and plenty of pictures.If you like Led Zeppelin at all, this is the way to go. All the studio albums with graphics of the original vinyl and as originally sequenced. Please take my advice, if you like Led Zeppelin, invest your money and buy this set. If you have any hesitations at all, it is very likely that you have friends that like Led Zeppelin. Listen to their copies of the ablums and find out for yourself. Even if you have to make sure that the investment is worth it, you will not be disappointed in the end. This is sure to provide you enjoyment for a long time to come.5/5

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was one of the suckers who bought the orignial CD catalogue from the 1980s, then bought the original four-disk remasters box set in 1990 (with its supplement from 1993). But THIS box set is the way to go.First, unlike the 1990 4-disk box set and its 1993 2-disk supplement, you get the orignal records in the original running order, and unlike the orignal catalog releases in the 1980s, you get all the original artwork, which was previously unavailable. These original studio records include the following: 1. Led Zeppelin I (1969) – “Communications Breakdown”, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, “Good Times Bad Times”2. Led Zeppelin II (1969) – “Whole Lotta Love”, “Thank You”, “Ramble On”, “Heartbreaker”, “What Is and What Should Never Be” 3. Led Zeppelin III (1970) – “Immigrant Song”, “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, “Gallow’s Pole”4. “IV” (1971) – “Stairway to Heaven”, “Rock and Roll”, “Black Dog”, “Going to California”5. Houses of the Holy (1973) – “Over the Hills and Far Away”, “Dancing Days”, “D’yer Mak’er”, “The Ocean”6. Physical Graphitti (1975) (2CD) – “Kashmir”, “Housses of the Holy”, “Trampled Underfoot”, “Black Country Woman”7. Presence (1976) – “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”8. In Through the Out Door (1979) – “All My Love”, “Fool in the Rain”, “In the Evening”9. Coda (1982) – “We’re Gonna Groove”, “I Can’t Quit You Babe”Second, on the ‘Coda’ disk (which was nothing more than a posthumous collection of unreleased tracks to begin with), you get four of the five nonalbum tracks released with the 1990 box set – “White Summer/Black Mountain Side”, a semi-live track from 1969, “Traveling Riverside Blues” and “Baby Come Home”, recorded between the first and second records, and the hit b-side “Hey Hey What Can I Do”, orignially a b-side of “Immigrant Song”, one of the few singles released by this quintessential AOR band. The only thing missing is the remixed version of “Moby Dick”, which was included on the first 1990 box set, but which is hardly essential.

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now